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Merger & Acquisition Professional?
You Need To Know:
Who Is Buying Who? For How Much?
How do you determine what a business is worth?
Who are the active buyers in your industry?
Which businesses are being acquired for the highest multiples?
Find Out: View industry transaction data from the M&A Insight database of over 17,800 small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap transactions (updated weekly) — provider of M&A transaction data since 1995.
M&A Insight features:
  • Merger & Acquisition Transaction Data
  • Industry Summary Reports
  • Statistics and Multiples
  • Graphical Analyses
  • Transaction Details
  • Exported Transaction Data
  • Numerous Search/Display Options
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Great for time-sensitive projects
M&A Insight is an online searchable database of over 17,800 mid-cap and large-cap merger & acquisition transactions.  Transactions have been tracked since 1995 and are updated weekly.  To learn more about  M&A Insight, click here.
  • M&A Insight was developed to provide M&A professionals and business owners with actual transaction information to assist in today's business valuation transactions.
  • Experienced M&A Professionals
    have looked to M&A Insight for transaction and valuation data since 1995.
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